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Scholarships and Awards

  CCMTA Scholarship  

To provide a set amount of money, usually a $500.00 scholarship, to a graduating senior for further study in a music field. This scholarship amount may be increased as CCMTA's budget allows. (The scholarship amount each year will be published in the CCMTA Newsletter in late Spring.)

  CCMTA Senior Awards  

To award a set amount of money, usually $100.00 to each graduating senior who has continued his/her music studies through the past 6 academic years up to and including the senior year (grades 7-12). The award amount may be increased as CCMTA's budget allows. (Please see Yearbook for award amount.)

  Don H. Harris Activity Award  

The Don H. Harris Activity Awards have been established to encourage student to participate in CCMTA activities with a special concentration in composition.

  Grants-in-Aid or M.T. Scholarship  

To provide an annual monetary award to individuals or institutions involved with music therapy. The award will be referred to either as a "M.T. Scholarship" for students pursuing a degree in music thearpy; or as a "Grants-in-Aid" award for professional music therapists or institutions who have established programs of therapy through music.

  Memorial Summer Camp Scholarship  

To provide scholarship money for a student or students at an out-of-town summer music camp.

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